Welcome to rc-racer, a new Radio Control enthusiatsts Web Site.


A whole new Web Site dedicated to the world of Radio Control Cars.  We have pictures and stories of our own collection of Electric RC cars.

News of mainly Tamiya Rally car series. Some HPI bodies are also used.

Old releases and more up-to-date models are covered.

Latest RC News

About Us

We have decided to build this web site so we can share our hobby of electric Radio Control Cars.  Myself and eldest son have quite a collection between us.  They are shown in the few pages of this web site, have a look and see what you think.


We have both got a few cars each.  All the chassis are made by Tamiya of Japan.  They are all electric powered, but Peter is looking at getting a Gas/Nitro powered one soon.  Most of the bodies on the cars are also made by Tamiya, although we have started to buy a few HPI made ones.  They are not so well made as the Tamiya and not of such great detail, but they are less than half the price.  They don't last any less time once you start racing so you can't argue at that!!

Have questions? Need help?

We have made a few of these now as you will see.  If you have one and are having trouble of would like a few tips, you are more than welcome to email us.

We need your help.

We would like to start a section where we display a collection of other peoples RC cars.  They can be made by anyone and electric or petrol.  If you are interested please email a few pictures of your car and some details about it and yourself.  We can then publish your car on the web for you.


We would be grateful if you could email us if you have any errors or problems with out Web site.... Enjoy.